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Ground Fault Service

Outback Radian 8048a

choosing a solar battery

As the owner of a small solar installation company in Northeast GA, I constantly go through the design and decision making process with new customers.  Buying a solar system is in a lot of ways like buying a car.  You have lots of options, bells whistles, warranties, and reviews to wade through.  Unfortunately, there aren’t …

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Ground Mount Solar

   Another Gain Solar ground mount complete.  The ground is a great place for solar panels.  We installers prefer to work on the ground over the roof.  It’s safer and easier.  Your panels stay cooler on the ground, the mounts are stronger than the roof could ever be.  You don’t have to worry about roof leaks …

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Tiny House Solar

        Attention Tiny house movement.  Are you beating your head against the wall looking for a solar guy that can design you a tiny power system for your tiny house?  Having trouble getting a straight answer or a call back the minute you mention off grid to a solar company?  Your tiny …

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Jackson EMC Article

Jackson EMC’s July 2014 Jemco News Feature Article tells the story of a Hoschton couple’s quest for energy efficieny. Gain Solar Services installed a 10 kw solar array for them. Read the article here. jemco_july_2014_lr

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If you naturally wind up bursting into an energetic song only to dance regimen every time your favorite song comes on the radio or your own body’s Spotify playlist, then Musical. Ly may be a system care about attaining if you’re believing agreeing to your own body’s overall performance skills only to statement to another …

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Great Article about prepping/solar Our local newspaper, the Gainesville Times interviewed my wife and I about prepping and all things solar.  Solar energy can power a variety of devices in the preppers quiver.  When it came time for my family to install a backup power system for our family property we went with a Grid Tied Battery Backup …

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Good Home Design: Active solar vs. Passive Solar

Good Home Design:  Active solar vs. Passive Solar There’s are a lot of solar terminology out there; solar flare, solar death ray, solar storm, passive solar, solar system, active solar.  I’m talking about active and passive solar right now.  Active solar systems are sophisticated electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems that use the suns energy to …

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I just got through installing an addition to a photo-voltaic system for a customer located in Belmont, GA.  He wanted to work along side me, and was able to save some money on the installation by providing his own labor.  herpes under tongue We pride ourselves in being flexible and working with the customer to …

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