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Our local newspaper, the Gainesville Times interviewed my wife and I about prepping and all things solar.  Solar energy can power a variety of devices in the preppers quiver.  When it came time for my family to install a backup power system for our family property we went with a Grid Tied Battery Backup Solar Power System.  The system sells power back to the power company in regular operation but keeps electricity flowing to a few outlets, the lights, a deep well pump, and refrigeration the moment the power goes out.  A large rebate from Jackson Emc, the 30% Federal tax credit on residential solar, and falling prices of the solar panels made the system affordable compared to the cost of installing a gas, diesel, or propane generator.  Not having to worry about smelly fuel going bad, running out of fuel, and the silent nature of the solar are just a few of the advantages the solar had over the generator.

Prepping consultant ready to face any disaster

Most of our “prepping” activities are just day to day life for us.  We grow greens in the winter and fruiting vegetables in the summer.  We try to put up any surplus, usually by dehydrating.  We buy the grains, beans, and other staple foods that we know we will eat anyway in bulk.  It’s cheaper in the long run and we always have food stores.  We buy all our organic meat from local farms and friendly deer.  We have at least 3 ways to get water out of our well, one of them is a Simple Pump Deep well hand pump.  We have multiple ways to purify water(berkey water filter)  and cook food (stovetec rocket stove), none of which require electricity.

I’m sure a lot of people prep because they are worried about the times.  We prep because its fun, healthy, and feels natural!

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