Grid Tied Solar PV System


Grid Tie systems get real time monitoring so you can watch your Grid Tied PV system save you money on your smart phone

Grid Tie Solar –  95% of all the solar out there is grid tie solar.  These systems are just as the name implies… grid tied.  They push electricity back into the power grid at a slightly higher voltage to save the owner money.  The system will have a bidirectional or separate meter to keep track of power consumed from utility vs power produced from solar.  They are also grid dependent.  They won’t make a single watt of solar “juice” if there is no power grid for them to sell it to.  They need the grid’s electrical signal to make theirs. Furthermore, UL1741 makes all grid tie inverter manufacturers design in “anti-islanding” feartures so the inverter won’t shock the lineman working on the powerlines down stream during an outage.  If you are considering having a grid tie solar PV system installed Gain Solar Services can provide you with the estimate/design, installation, and integration with you utility company.

Grid Tie System Facts:

  • typically the fastest ROI
  • grid dependent
  • money saver
  • most residential grid tie systems range between 5-10 kw in size (that’s between 30-40 solar panels
  • at over 18 sq ft per panel, a large area of South facing roof or ground is most important (Southeast or Southwest is ok too.  If your system faces SW it will make peak power in the afternoon and vice versa for a SE facing system.

The grid tie system works in conjunction with the power company mains to supply all the electricity needs of your home. At times the grid tie PV panels will produce a portion, if not all of the electricity needed by your home. At other times, the power company will supply a portion or all of the electricity. If your power company has installed an appropriate type meter, you may actually be able to “sell” back power in that the meter will run backwards if the solar generated power is more than what your household is using.

Jemco news article

Gain Solar’s most famous Grid Tie Solar Installation. Photo from the July 2014 Jemco News Article about a deep energy retrofit. The people in this photo are awesome!


Gain Solar provides utility integration and interconnections services for DIY solar systems.  If you are thinking of installing your own Grid Tied PV system and would like a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional to assist you, contact us today.  We can help you with design, installation, and and interconnection with your utility.



This DIY solar customer saved thousands by taking a large role in the installation of his system. He used B grade panels hence the color variation. Gain Solar guided this homeowner through the installation and handled the utility interconnection!

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