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Onsite consult for a tiny house build.

Onsite consult for a tiny house build.



Attention Tiny house movement.  Are you beating your head against the wall looking for a solar guy that can design you a tiny power system for your tiny house?  Having trouble getting a straight answer or a call back the minute you mention off grid to a solar company?  Your tiny house off grid power system is too small for most solar company’s tool fool with much less learn how to design (they don’t know how to do off grid!)  They know they can’t make enough money off you anyway….

Gain Solar will custom design a solar power system for your tiny house and your tiny needs.  We have lots of tiny systems out in the field already running telecom gear, boat lifts, water pumps, you name it.  We will help you breakdown your energy usage into manageable blocks so that your tiny house dream can become a reality.  Tiny houses are unique but their energy needs are pretty standard and not to different from those of a small cabin.  We have off grid water system design specialists, tiny house builders, and solar guys ready to talk at ya!  We can even get your tiny house built for you.  We can sell you prewired solar power systems that are plug and play

  • Tiny house off grid solar power system design/build and installation
  • Tiny house water system/electrical consulting
  • prewired tiny house solar power systems ready to go
  • tiny house air conditioning

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